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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Provincial Team play Country Bowls

Last Saturday the Costa Blanca Provincial team travelled to Country Bowls for their match.  The weather was at boiling point and you could feel the heat coming through the soles of your shoes. But as they say "Mad Dogs & Englishmen" (with a couple of Scots, Welsh & Irish thrown in) "go out in the midday sun.
At the end of the match the Provincial had won on 3 rinks, courtesy of Mal Broughton, Bob Cockell, Len Rudge & Brian Pocock 33-11, Carol Rudge, June McMillan, Barbara Brown & Val Hignett 24-10, Allen Bowen, William Holtham, Dave Melville & Barry Latham 24-17.We also managed a draw by Jan Pocock, Kath Reid, Glenda O'Dell & Lynn Greenland 17-17.
Unfortunately, we also had 2 also ran teams Anita Brown, Mary Cockell, Wendy Latham & Yours truly losing by a single shot 18-19, Arthur Brown, Gerry Gough, Dave Greenland & Bill Hawthorn 11-22.
After the match we all adjourned to the restaurant for an enjoyable meal and a bevvy (or 2, or 3 or even 4).
Country Bowls Squad
Costa Blanca Provincial Squad
Notice how the Provincial team are nicely arranged for the photo - my job at all the matches - I might not win but I do organise a good photo!!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Snakes Alive

Just a quick post with Allens' latest nature photos. Two snakes seen on his evening walk.

New Concept Cards

A designer on Craftsuprint (Karin Johansson) has come up with a new concept for cards - a Doolirama. I just had to have a go.  The card is so easy to make, looks effective but most import still fits a standard C5 envelope and the box folds down.
I think this must be my favourite of the new concept cards to come out recently, and I'm sure I'll be doing others in the range.

To view more of my cards click on the Craftsuprint banner above to take you straight to my gallery.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Lizards abound

Allen came back from his evening walk having seen various large lizards tonight. So many he could have been visiting a reptile house at a zoo.

He also saw a couple of Hoopoe birds and a buzzard.

Todays special card

I bought a lovely sheet from Craftsuprint by designer Helen Williams. The sheet is a vellum backing sheet of lilies & roses. When I came to make up the card I couldn't find a decoupage to add and finish the card. I sent a message to Helen asking if she had a decoupage sheet to match. She hadn't but offered to send me the jpeg image so that I could make up my own decoupage. Five minutes later the email arrived and I printed off 4 copies.
Whilst watching Doctor Who I cut out elements to make up my decoupage. Having attached the backing sheet to cerise pink mirror card and then added to a white card I assembled the decoupage. Added iridescent glitter to some of the flowers and a cerise pink greeting.
Really happy with the finished card and sent a photo to Helen with a big thank you for sending me the image.

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Allen is still taking his camera on his evening walks and the cuckoos are still around.
The rabbits are now posing for him
We dont know for sure what this is - its similar to a pray mantis so if anyone knows - post a comment.

Christmas Is coming

My card group have been making at least 1 Christmas card each week since the end of April.  Its difficult to have different types so that they have a good selection when sending.  Have done a couple this week which are different and one is more a keepsake.
I have managed to finish the card order which included the two cards from the previous blog and the whole order was varied to say the least.  It included a Christening card 
A Mens Gay Wedding
And a red roses bouquet for a wife

Friday, 11 June 2010

2 special cards

Have been making cards for Craftsuprint to go with the decoupage sheets.  These are two of my latest ones which I am particularly pleased with and which I have made for a friends Mums birthday.
This one is a parasol in a domed card, complete with matching envelope.
Really liked the effect on this one which started out as just a decoupage sheet.  Having chalked the card, and added the decoupage, I cut the grass by hand and then used peel off leaves on green cards which I cut out to try to give the effect of her being at the bottom of the waterfall in a forest.
To see more of my cards click on the Craftsuprint banner at the top of the blog - this will take you to my card gallery.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Allens 2nd safari

Allen & Lisa's evening walk is developing into a safari.  Over the last 3 nights he has spotted various birds, animals & reptiles.
2 cuckoos
Crowned Lark
Father Partidge
2nd family of partidges
Lisa favourite - a bunny!
A baby praying mantis
At last! a snake - about 6 foot long

Filing a Tax Return!

On Monday when Allen was bowling I had to go to Orihuela to file Allens Spanish tax return.  I asked a friend Gill if she fancied a day out and off we went.
Having spent less than five minutes in the tax office it was off to find the shops - but we couldn't find them.  Could find odd shops along streets but nothing of note so we decided to change location.
Back to the car and a short journey to Elche.  Stopped at the supermarket to have a coffee & croissant then off we went in search of shops.
First stop was the renowned shoe factory.  Gill spotted some sandals she fancied and after having about 10 boxes out and on the floor she found a pair that fitted.  After putting all the others back in their boxes and onto the shelf we went to pay.  They were marked with an original price of 27 euros reduced to 12 but when we paid they turned out to be only 10 - what a bargain.
Of course having bought sandals next job is to find a handbag to match - not easy when the sandals are mustard coloured.  We got back in the car and set off towards Crevillente - 5 minutes down the road I spotted a shop called "Anticrisis" advertising shoes from 1 euro - how could we resist.
In we went and found the 1 euro sandals, ideal for wearing around the house and garden - Gill got 2 pairs (hang the expense) and I was having 1 pair.  I had already seen a pair of royal blue flat sandals I liked and decided that I would have them too, only 12 euros.
Back to the car and still heading towards Crevillente.  Spot some Chinese warehouses where the Chinese shops buy their stock but which were open to the public.  In we go with Gill looking for a white bead necklace.  Found them but no price - they were so expensive when we asked 30c each.  I got a turquoise one while Gill splashed out and had 2 white ones, a yellow one & a green one plus a white bracelet.  Next aisle and they had earrings made from mother of pearl and decorated - I had to have some peacock decorated ones - 
Gill had some purple crescent ones but of course she then had to get a necklace to match!
Managed to find one. Her total bill for 5 necklaces, a bracelet and earrings was 4.20 euros.  We then realised that they also had handbags and guess what they had one to match her sandals.  They also had one that I liked in blue and they were only 10 euros each.  The decorations are handmade wooden flowers - really unusual, so of course we had to have them and Gill bought me mine for doing the driving.
We arrived home very happy with our buys and planning our next trip.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Community Cup Final

The final of the Copa Comunidad was played today between San Luis & San Miguel.  "San" is a shortened version of saint to maybe these two teams were blessed to get to the final.
Allen & Mal played against Dominic Mills & Alex McNeil in the pairs.
Allen & Mal were always in control of this match winning 27-09.
Sheila & Mike Cox and Derrick Cooper played against Ann Eagle, Sabrina Marks & Stuart Denholm.
Despite Sheila having a really good game the San Luis triples went down by 34-3.
At the lunch break it was 1 discipline each but San Miguel up on shots by 13.  Into the afternoon session and Mal was playing the singles against Dominic who got his revenge for the morning result winning 21-17.
With the rinks still playing San Luis were up against it needing to win by a massive 18 shots.  This proved to be an impossible task, although they did win 13-11 making San Miguel this years Champions by 15 shots.
Although coming second the San Luis team can be proud of their achievement in getting so close as the San Miguel team has 4 members of Spanish National squad, with only Stuart being a non squad member.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Community Cup Semi Final

After a days break due to a bye Allen & the rest of the San Luis team were back at La Marina to play the semi final.  Greenlands had beaten La Siesta yesterday to get through to the semi. Once again the morning session was made up of pairs & triples.
Allen & Mal played against Jeannie Clements & Bill Pain.
Allen & Mal just lost this match.
The triples of Sheila Cox, Mike Cox & Derrick Cooper played against Les Barber, Ann & John Rudkin.
The result in the triples was a win for the San Luis trio.  One discipline each but San Luis had a lead on shot difference.
In todays match the San Luis team changed around with Mal Hughes playing the singles against Bill Pain.  Bill won this match.
So it was up to the San Luis rinks to win as they were still ahead on shot difference. Sheila was again lead but today Mike was 2, Allen played 3 & Derrick skipped.
With one end to play they were 3 down in the match but a great last end saw them score 4 shots and snatch the win. San Luis were through on shot difference.
They will face the strong side from San Miguel in the final tomorrow who are without stalwart Russell Marks who has had to dash back to the UK as his mother is ill.