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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

So much has happened since my last blog post.
Following on from Allens' ill health we discovered in January 2015 that he had 3 fractured vertebrae & osteoporosis. The osteoporosis had been caused by injections he was had been having since 1998 for hayfever.
He spent 2 weeks in hospital & came home with a metal brace. He needed help with everything from getting out of a chair to showering & using the bathroom. He was also being sick constantly.
After 2 months we saw the specialist & discovered that the sickness was being caused by withdrawal symptoms from the injections which were corticosteroids! This means that his body can no longer function without a steroid tablet & so will have to take one each day for the rest of his life along with calcium supplements.
We also found out that the injections have caused muscle damage & nerve damage. He is on medication to help the nerve problem & having weekly physio to try to rebuild the muscles.
It has been a long road but this month he played his first competitive game of bowls for 2 years.
In October 2015, we lost my beloved dog Lisa. She was 13.5 & having had her since she was 6 weeks old I was devastated. Having lost Sooty the previous year this was a real blow.
Monty took a while to realise she was no longer with us & as he had been her shadow from the day I brought him home he also missed her & their walks.
We had thought that nothing could be worse than 2014 but 2015 was & we were glad to see the end of the year.
2016 so far has been better but with Allen still struggling with his health not ideal.
The Brexit vote hit us for 6 & has made a huge impact in our finances due to the drastic drop in the exchange rate. Still life has to go on.
At the end of September a kitten about 4 months old appeared in our garden, after discovering that it was a little girl we paid to have her spayed, avoiding any unwanted additions. By the time she could go out again she had become part of the family, as she has the same "M" on her forehead & we kept calling her little one she has been named Minnie. Monty has decided that she is OK so we became a 2 cat family.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Turbulent year

This has been a turbulent year since my last post in January. In February I started with a health problem which was put down to an irregular heartbeat. I was permanently breathless & going upstairs necessitated a stop halfway to catch my breath. The doctor told me that I wasn't allowed to bowl & that I should have a gentle walk each day as my only exercise. For once I followed his instructions.
At the end of March Sooty, my beloved cat had to be put to sleep as his liver had ceased to function. He was just 6 days short of his 17th birthday. To say that we were all devastated is an understatement. Lisa my dog kept wandering around the house looking for him & would cry when she couldn't find him. After all he had been there for here from the day I brought her home. We were all the same, the slightest thing & we were in tears.
We swore that we wouldn't get another cat as we felt it would be unfaithful to Sooty. But never say never. At the beginning of May the Pets in Spain charity posted a picture on Facebook of a little grey tabby kitten who with his sister had been abandoned by their Mum. He was about 2 weeks old & I fell in love with him straight away.
I just knew that we had to give him a home but we couldn't have him till May 28th as he was being bottle fed. We decided to call him Monty because he had an "M" on his forehead. On D-Day I went to collect him & he wailed all the way home. I brought him into the house & we were wary in case Lisa didn't like him & attacked him. But we didn't need to worry as she accepted him straight away & he became her little shadow. He settled in well & it was strange because he immediately started doing things that Sooty had done. Almost as though Sooty was there in spirit looking after him.
Because he was bottle fed he loves human contact wanting snuggles two or three times a day. But if he gets the chance his favourite place is wherever Lisa is.
When Allen takes Lisa for her walk in an evening Monty insists on going too. He is a real sweetie & a part of the family.
Since July Allen has one health problem after another and is only just starting to get better. He has managed 3 games of bowls since August but has won all three. As someone said "he hasn't lost it".
We are hoping that 2015 will bring better health for us both & hopefully a much quieter year.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Good Heavens

Cant believe how long it is since my last post. Must resolve to post more often.
We are looking forward to heading off to Potters resort in Norfolk so we can watch the World Bowls. We are going with Mel & Colin Highland.
I have been doing lots of crafting recently but thought I would post some pictures of cards I did for an orders. 
This was for a sisters golden anniversary. The recipient was so pleased with the card that they have framed it. Now that really is a compliment.
This one is also for a golden anniversary - this time from a wife to her husband.
A wedding card for a friends daughters.
And finally, another wedding card for the customers nephew.

Monday, 6 May 2013

4 Nations 2013

Yesterday we played the annual 4 Nations tournament. This year it was held at Monte Mar. Allen was again playing for the Welsh team & I was Captain of the English team.
Each nation played 3 matches both morning & afternoon with 1 rink from each nation playing a rink from each of the other 3 nations.
After the morning games Ireland led with 2 wins out of 3, Scotland & England were joint second with a win & a draw. The draw was on my rink where we fought back from 11-3 down to tie 19-19. Wales were holding the rest up with just a single win courtesy of Allens rink.
In the afternoon everyone was in with a chance. Wales got the first win on the board with a huge win against Ireland. Ireland then sneaked a win against England having been down right through the game until the final end. England then beat Wales & Scotland so with 3 wins & a draw England finished with 7 points. Wales finished on 6 points. With one game still on the green Ireland were leading against Scotland. If Ireland clung on they would win the 4 Nations but if Scotland could win England would be Champions.
At this stage I went in with the bribe - if Scotland won the game I would bake a batch of muffins for the Scotland Manager Brian Robertson snr. He had a quick word with his son who was skipping for Scotland - get 3 & I get the muffins. It came down to an umpires measure but Scotland got the 3 needed & England were Champions.
This is the first time that England have won as the 3 previous years were Scotland then 2 wins by Wales who finished second this year.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Not long to UK

The days are rushing past & it will soon be time to go to the UK. This time I am travelling on my own as Allen is playing in the Spanish National Bowls Championships.
The day after I arrive is my Great Nephews 5th birthday. Doesn't seem like 5 years ago since he made his entrance into the world.
I am staying with my nephew Andi, his lovely wife Chloe & my 2 gorgeous great nephews for 6 nights. The 22nd is D Day as my dear sister Lynda will reach the milestone of 60 years young.
Lynda & Chloe have been coming up with things to do while I am with them & I have also sorted some things out. Packages have been arriving at Lyndas & all 3 of us will have the necessary equipment to start Kumihimo!!
I have also sent felt corsage kits for all 3 of us.
On the Thursday I go up to Cheshire. I will be meeting my dear friend Joan from New Zealand who I have never met but we email each other daily. Joan has arranged for us both to visit the Craftsuprint offices. Joan is a Craftsuprint designer & I am a registered cardmaker for them. Rob, the boss has kindly offered to take us both to lunch.
Saturday evening I go to my friends Pat & Bob at Warrington for the night. I have known Pat since I started work at Nat West Bank way back in 1973. We spent many happy evenings in pubs & travelling around East Yorkshire in her little mini.
Sunday I make my way back to Birmingham airport where I am staying at a hotel overnight before my return flight.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Im back

Well after some time away I am back.
I am still bowling, although not as much as before as I am trying to have a life outside bowls - if there is one.
I am doing a bit of knitting but arthritis in my fingers means I am limited to how long I can do before the hands start to hurt, I have a couple of projects on the go but neither seems to be drawing me to finish them at the moment.
I am still making cards & have just found a charity which is very much close to my own heart so have donated almost 200 cards to them to sell so they can raise funds. The charity is PetsinSpain who rescue dogs (& cats) that have been abandoned & also ones from the municipal dog pounds. They get them vet treatment & grooming then they go into foster care until they can be found their "forever homes". As I already have both a cat & a dog who are getting on in years I cant help them by fostering but I can donate my cards to help them raise some money.
I have also joined a gym with Allen in an attempt to get fit but am limited at the moment to how much I can do due to a muscle problem in the largest muscle in the body... Ill leave that to you to work out.
Anyway I will try to post more over the coming months.

Sunday, 30 December 2012


In a previous post I mentioned about my internet friend Joan in New Zealand & how we had never met. Well, that will be changed in May 2013.
As my sister Lynda turns 60 in May & my eldest great nephew will be celebrating his 5th birthday 4 days earlier, I decided that I would go to England to be there for both milestone events.
Allen wont be going with me as he will be playing in the Spanish Nationals, but I am giving them a miss this year.
I got onto the internet looking for a flight at a reasonable cost & managed to find one into Birmingham on the day before Haydns birthday - perfect. I have hired a car to go to Gloucester & will stay with Lynda until the day after her birthday.
Amazingly as I was booking my flights to UK Joan was doing the same from New Zealand so she could visit her Mum in Sandbach. The dates coincided (spooky), so on 23rd May 2013 Joan & I will finally meet in person in Cheshire. I will have 2 1/2 days there before I return to Birmingham for my flight home.

Stamping & Colouring

Allen bought be 96 Spectrum Noir pens for Christmas & I have started playing with them. It takes me back to my childhood but it is relaxing to do.
My first 2 attempts have turned out well & for a beginner I am happy with the results.
The first one uses a Tilda image & backing sheets bought from Craftsuprint in pinks & plums. I have also had my Cuttlebug die cutting machine out to make some flowers & swirls.

The second one is also a Tilda image but this time I have done the backing sheet myself using a Designer resource from Craftsuprint. Cuttlebug Flowers & swirls to finish.

Will post others as I do them.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

New Look Valencian Championships

This year the Valencian Bowls Championships have changed format. Instead of single sex disciplines , this year there are Mixed Pairs & Mixed Rinks. North & South Alicante are playing down to Semi Final stages in their own area, then the 8 pairs/teams will play off.
Matches started today.  At San Luis Mel & Colin Highland overcame the pairing of Mike & Florence Edwards of Greenlands. In  the afternoon at San Luis Roy & Sally Cordell played against clubmates Paul & Jean Parkes. I have not heard the result of this match yet. The rest of the San Luis teams were in action at La Marina.
Keith & June Jones beat Gail Watson & Fred Willshire (Greenlands), Margaret & Ian Rogers beat Alan & Sheila Booth (San Miguel), Sheila & Mike Cox beat another San Luis team, Ann Holland & Ray Pollock. Les Bedford & Sheila Cammack also beat another San Luis team - Bobbie & Trevor Vanner. Allen & I were up against Violet Campbell & Fred Roberts (Quesada). This was a tough old game & with 2 ends to play it looked as though we would lose, but a 4 on the 17th end put us 1 shot ahead with 1 end to play. At one stage they held the shot needed to force an extra end but we managed to pick up 2 shots to win by 3.
All the winning pairs play again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Kiwi Friend

Many of you will wonder how you can have a friend who you have never met but who means the world to you. Well, I assure you it is entirely possible.
About 18 months ago a lady in New Zealand asked a question in the Craftsuprint forum about a card design. Having bought the same design in a different colour I was able to help her along the way to make hers up.
This led to various emails & it turns out we are alike in so many ways. Similar looks, size, sense of humour, hobbies & also in life events.
We are now firm friends & are in contact daily just to chat, sometimes to moan about life in general, but mainly just for friendship.
Joan is originally from the UK but has lived in New Zealand for a lot of years. She is currently having treatment for breast cancer but she stays positive through it all & if she is having a down day she knows I am here to lift her spirits & to sometimes chide her.
It would be so lovely if at some stage in the future we could meet but that will have to wait a while.
Until then we will continue to have our long distance chats with a 12 hour time difference - while one of us is having breakfast the other is having dinner.
Joan has recently become a designer for Craftsuprint & is going through a learning curve but I am always here to encourage her in her efforts & she will shortly make silver as a designer & gold as a crafter.
So if someone says how can you have a friend you have never met, just tell them EASILY.