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Monday, 6 May 2013

4 Nations 2013

Yesterday we played the annual 4 Nations tournament. This year it was held at Monte Mar. Allen was again playing for the Welsh team & I was Captain of the English team.
Each nation played 3 matches both morning & afternoon with 1 rink from each nation playing a rink from each of the other 3 nations.
After the morning games Ireland led with 2 wins out of 3, Scotland & England were joint second with a win & a draw. The draw was on my rink where we fought back from 11-3 down to tie 19-19. Wales were holding the rest up with just a single win courtesy of Allens rink.
In the afternoon everyone was in with a chance. Wales got the first win on the board with a huge win against Ireland. Ireland then sneaked a win against England having been down right through the game until the final end. England then beat Wales & Scotland so with 3 wins & a draw England finished with 7 points. Wales finished on 6 points. With one game still on the green Ireland were leading against Scotland. If Ireland clung on they would win the 4 Nations but if Scotland could win England would be Champions.
At this stage I went in with the bribe - if Scotland won the game I would bake a batch of muffins for the Scotland Manager Brian Robertson snr. He had a quick word with his son who was skipping for Scotland - get 3 & I get the muffins. It came down to an umpires measure but Scotland got the 3 needed & England were Champions.
This is the first time that England have won as the 3 previous years were Scotland then 2 wins by Wales who finished second this year.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Not long to UK

The days are rushing past & it will soon be time to go to the UK. This time I am travelling on my own as Allen is playing in the Spanish National Bowls Championships.
The day after I arrive is my Great Nephews 5th birthday. Doesn't seem like 5 years ago since he made his entrance into the world.
I am staying with my nephew Andi, his lovely wife Chloe & my 2 gorgeous great nephews for 6 nights. The 22nd is D Day as my dear sister Lynda will reach the milestone of 60 years young.
Lynda & Chloe have been coming up with things to do while I am with them & I have also sorted some things out. Packages have been arriving at Lyndas & all 3 of us will have the necessary equipment to start Kumihimo!!
I have also sent felt corsage kits for all 3 of us.
On the Thursday I go up to Cheshire. I will be meeting my dear friend Joan from New Zealand who I have never met but we email each other daily. Joan has arranged for us both to visit the Craftsuprint offices. Joan is a Craftsuprint designer & I am a registered cardmaker for them. Rob, the boss has kindly offered to take us both to lunch.
Saturday evening I go to my friends Pat & Bob at Warrington for the night. I have known Pat since I started work at Nat West Bank way back in 1973. We spent many happy evenings in pubs & travelling around East Yorkshire in her little mini.
Sunday I make my way back to Birmingham airport where I am staying at a hotel overnight before my return flight.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Im back

Well after some time away I am back.
I am still bowling, although not as much as before as I am trying to have a life outside bowls - if there is one.
I am doing a bit of knitting but arthritis in my fingers means I am limited to how long I can do before the hands start to hurt, I have a couple of projects on the go but neither seems to be drawing me to finish them at the moment.
I am still making cards & have just found a charity which is very much close to my own heart so have donated almost 200 cards to them to sell so they can raise funds. The charity is PetsinSpain who rescue dogs (& cats) that have been abandoned & also ones from the municipal dog pounds. They get them vet treatment & grooming then they go into foster care until they can be found their "forever homes". As I already have both a cat & a dog who are getting on in years I cant help them by fostering but I can donate my cards to help them raise some money.
I have also joined a gym with Allen in an attempt to get fit but am limited at the moment to how much I can do due to a muscle problem in the largest muscle in the body... Ill leave that to you to work out.
Anyway I will try to post more over the coming months.