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50 something, living with partner in Sunny Spain. Spend my days bowling, crafting & occasionally doing housework.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Im back

Well after some time away I am back.
I am still bowling, although not as much as before as I am trying to have a life outside bowls - if there is one.
I am doing a bit of knitting but arthritis in my fingers means I am limited to how long I can do before the hands start to hurt, I have a couple of projects on the go but neither seems to be drawing me to finish them at the moment.
I am still making cards & have just found a charity which is very much close to my own heart so have donated almost 200 cards to them to sell so they can raise funds. The charity is PetsinSpain who rescue dogs (& cats) that have been abandoned & also ones from the municipal dog pounds. They get them vet treatment & grooming then they go into foster care until they can be found their "forever homes". As I already have both a cat & a dog who are getting on in years I cant help them by fostering but I can donate my cards to help them raise some money.
I have also joined a gym with Allen in an attempt to get fit but am limited at the moment to how much I can do due to a muscle problem in the largest muscle in the body... Ill leave that to you to work out.
Anyway I will try to post more over the coming months.