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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bowling on the Costa Blanca

This morning we played a rinks match in our Club competitions.  There had been so much rain overnight that when we arrived to play there was a duck pond instead of a bowling green but 1 rink was almost drained.  We decided to defer the start until 11am by which time the rink was playable.
Our team was Pammy Walker leading, Brian Dunn at 2, Allen playing 3 & me skipping.  We were against Brian Donohoe, Diane Hudson, John Ester & Russ Hudson.  They scored a 3 on the first end but we immediately picked up 3 on the next end followed by a 4 on the 3rd end.  This provided us with a comfortable cushion and although there were some close ends we pulled away and the closest they got was 6 shots. With 2 ends to play we were 10 shots ahead & picked up another 2 on the next end to win the match with an end to play.
This win puts us into the semi final - a good result with Pammy & Brian both in their first season of bowling.
Pammy & I are already through to the final in the Ladies pairs, & in the semi of the Ladies 2 wood pairs so this is another boost to her confidence.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

A new activity

Well it is official - I have started doing Zumba classes twice a week.  The classes are Tuesday & Thursday evenings for an hour at a time.  They are such fun & a really good workout, which is good because I really want to lose some weight & tone up. At the moment it is a case of me going one way while everybody else goes the other way or the feet doing the right moves while the arms do a totally different dance, but no doubt they will all soon coordinate - I hope.
Will keep you all informed of how it goes - so keep your eyes peeled.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

4 Nations

Yesterday we played the annual 4 Nations tournament, between expat bowlers from England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales.  Allen is a selector for the Welsh team 
While I have the honour of being Captain of England.
Each country fields 6 teams of 4 with 3 playing morning and the others playing in the afternoon.  After the mornings matches England were first by just one shot - but how the mighty are fallen. On a very tricky green (and thats being complimentary about it) the English managed to score only 38 more shots & finished in 4th spot - the humiliation! 
Ireland were just ahead with Wales, last years Champions in 2nd position so by process of elimination Scotland took the spoils and received a gold medal each.
Each country also gives a prize of a mug with the relevant design to each member of the highest scoring rink - needless to say I didn't get one!
We had one end on our rink where at the finish of an end there were only 2 bowls in play - out of a possible 16 - the rest had finished out of the playing area. Someone threatened to take a photo but don't know that they did. I for one won't look forward to playing at El Rancho anytime soon.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


I was asked on Saturday to make a card for Allens' nephew Stephen to send to his new baby daughter at Christmas. Stephen is serving in Afghanistan & will miss his daughters first Christmas.
One of the Craftsuprint designers responded to my request for a special sheet & within 12 hours it was up on the site & in my basket. The card was made, but it the first time I have ever made a card which made me cry while making it.  I found it very emotional.  The designer of the sheet said she felt exactly the same.
I hope & pray that all our troops stay safe & return to their families.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

How long till Christmas?

I haven't blogged for ages as I just haven't had any spare time.  I've been trying to get all my special Christmas Cards made for mine & Allens' lovely families back in the UK.  Got Allens' batch all done & sent to his sister for distributing. All the other special cards are made & ready to go as soon as I finished the little gifty bits to add in - was going to post piccis but as some of the family check my blog I can't until after the event.
Anyway I have just got to finish a bit of knitting & then I'm done & can start planning Christmas Day.  We have 4 or 6 friends coming for traditional Christmas dinner - I love cooking this meal so volunteer to do Christmas Day. The others then do Boxing Day & Three Kings, which is the main day for celebrations in Spain. Will make table gifts for everyone so have to decide what to do for each one before I can start to make them.