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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Valencian Championships

Before today there wasnt much to sing about in the Valencians for San Luis apart from Keith Roberts & Phil Morrachan getting to the semi final of the Mens Pairs.
Today has been a different story, we now have 2 Mens Fours teams in the semi final but they unfortunately have to play each other, but that guarantees us a finalist. Allen, Dane Howard, Mike Cox & Colin Highland will play Joe Johnson, Rod Wright, Trevor Vanner & Ray Robson.
In the Ladies Singles we had 4 entries. Sheila Cox had a brilliant game this morning scoring a four on the final end to beat Ann Holland, who had beaten her previous opponent 21-0. Unfortunately, Sheila got off to a slow start in this afternoons match against Spanish squad member Ann Eagle and never recovered, losing 21-14.
The other three ladies all progressed to the quarter finals, where Val Sherry will play against Ann Eagle, Mel Highland having beaten Sabrina Marks will play Maggie Furness & I will play Barbara Pilling. All these will be played tomorrow at 10am. Fingers crossed we can all get to the semi final.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Here We Go

Yesterday evening was the opening ceremony for this years Valencian Championships, which start today.
As well as competing this year I am also the organiser so there wont be much time to sit & smell the roses!
At San Luis I have 2 able helpers to look after the paperwork (OK so they were conned into doing it). Rod Wright & Peter Cox.
Now we start crossing our fingers & watching the skies hoping that the dreaded "gota fria" wont arrive & mess up the best laid plans.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Wedding Order

I have finally finished the order for Wedding Reception stationery.  Delivery tomorrow ready for the wedding on Sunday. In total I have made 108 place settings & 13 table numbers plus a table plan with 13 medium size settings attached to cerise pink card. Everyone of the 134 items had to be hand cut plus a rose for each one. Then organza ribbon was attached & finally a matching bow. It is the first time I have done an order of this type but am really happy with the final results.
The table numbers & place settings - couldnt photograph all of them so just done 3 of each. Luckily they are going to write everyones names on the place settings.
The table plan all ready for them to fasten on their typed table lists.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Carnations for Mum

One of the Craftuprint designers Robyn Cockburn has recently done a range of her designs with Carnations on. These were my Mums favourite flowers & I dedicate this post to her. It is more than 26 years since her death & I still miss her. So Mum wherever you are - this ones for you xxxxx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Brendas first hand crafted card

Brenda & Rod have been visiting us from Dorset.
While here their friends Nancy & John have been housesitting & looking after their dogs etc. Brenda has been helping cut out craft sheets for the cards I make & has made a thank you card for John & Nancy who are keen bowlers.
The picture shows Brenda proudly displaying her first ever hand crafted card.