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Thursday, 29 March 2012


Two weeks ago I signed up for Weightwatchers as both Allen & I wanted to lose weight.
The first week I lost 2,1kg & Allen lost 1kg. After weigh in this week Allen has now lost 2kg in total while I have lost 3.8kg (over 1/2 stone for those who work in old weights).
We are both happy with our progress & I am hoping that I can lose my 10% by the time we go to UK early June.
Will keep you upto date with our progress.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

We Are The Champions

This weekend was the conclusion of our Club competitions which have been running throughout the winter season.
I was fortunate enough to get to 3 finals, 2 of them with Allen.
Yesterday morning we played the first of them, the Rinks with Joe Johnson & Alan Barton. We showed what a team can do if they play as a team. We scored 2 shots on the first end & after that were never ahead in the match. We scored a single shot on the 18th end to draw & force an extra end. When Allen, Joe & Alan had finished bowling we were holding game but Mal Hughes killed the end making us replay it. Once again after the three lads had finished we held shot, neither Mal nor I did anything with our first bowl but Mal took the shot with his final bowl. One bowl left to play & I had a tickle off my first bowl to turn it onto the jack & win the game.
A quick break for lunch then Allen & I were back in action playing Mixed pairs against Mike & Sheila Cox. Once again we won the first end then let them get away from us. With the score at 13-4 to them it looked as though the writing was on the wall but a 5 on the next end put us back into it & we got going. We only dropped 1 more shot on the final end & won 21-14.
This morning I played the Ladies Singles against Margaret Morrison. What a game we had. First Margaret went ahead then I did. Margaret pulled level then I went ahead again. She evened the score at 17. A couple of ends later & she led 19 to 18. She now needed 2 while I needed 3. I then played my best end of the match & with just Margarets last bowl remaining held 4 within inches of the jack. She played weight & hit the head but the jack went the wrong way for her & I held the 3 shots for game.
Three finals & 3 wins.
I am especially pleased because of the amount of time I have had off from bowling this winter with health problems.