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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Turbulent year

This has been a turbulent year since my last post in January. In February I started with a health problem which was put down to an irregular heartbeat. I was permanently breathless & going upstairs necessitated a stop halfway to catch my breath. The doctor told me that I wasn't allowed to bowl & that I should have a gentle walk each day as my only exercise. For once I followed his instructions.
At the end of March Sooty, my beloved cat had to be put to sleep as his liver had ceased to function. He was just 6 days short of his 17th birthday. To say that we were all devastated is an understatement. Lisa my dog kept wandering around the house looking for him & would cry when she couldn't find him. After all he had been there for here from the day I brought her home. We were all the same, the slightest thing & we were in tears.
We swore that we wouldn't get another cat as we felt it would be unfaithful to Sooty. But never say never. At the beginning of May the Pets in Spain charity posted a picture on Facebook of a little grey tabby kitten who with his sister had been abandoned by their Mum. He was about 2 weeks old & I fell in love with him straight away.
I just knew that we had to give him a home but we couldn't have him till May 28th as he was being bottle fed. We decided to call him Monty because he had an "M" on his forehead. On D-Day I went to collect him & he wailed all the way home. I brought him into the house & we were wary in case Lisa didn't like him & attacked him. But we didn't need to worry as she accepted him straight away & he became her little shadow. He settled in well & it was strange because he immediately started doing things that Sooty had done. Almost as though Sooty was there in spirit looking after him.
Because he was bottle fed he loves human contact wanting snuggles two or three times a day. But if he gets the chance his favourite place is wherever Lisa is.
When Allen takes Lisa for her walk in an evening Monty insists on going too. He is a real sweetie & a part of the family.
Since July Allen has one health problem after another and is only just starting to get better. He has managed 3 games of bowls since August but has won all three. As someone said "he hasn't lost it".
We are hoping that 2015 will bring better health for us both & hopefully a much quieter year.

Friday, 10 January 2014

Good Heavens

Cant believe how long it is since my last post. Must resolve to post more often.
We are looking forward to heading off to Potters resort in Norfolk so we can watch the World Bowls. We are going with Mel & Colin Highland.
I have been doing lots of crafting recently but thought I would post some pictures of cards I did for an orders. 
This was for a sisters golden anniversary. The recipient was so pleased with the card that they have framed it. Now that really is a compliment.
This one is also for a golden anniversary - this time from a wife to her husband.
A wedding card for a friends daughters.
And finally, another wedding card for the customers nephew.