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Sunday, 20 November 2011

More Wedding Items

Having completed the previous wedding order I thought that would be it. Then I was approached by a couple who are getting married In Gibraltar & then having a reception back at their bowls club. Their only remit was that it had to be black & white theme.
I decided to do the table settings as easel cards. Decorating with black & white daisies & black butterflies with gems.
I then used the same back sections on the table plan which was done on black and decorated in reverse to the settings with white & black daisies and white butterflies.
Delivery tomorrow so fingers crossed that they like them.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Just 2 More Sleeps

Back in April when I booked my short break to UK for the Craft Show it seemed like ages away. But time has flown & on Thursday I will be flying out from nice warm Spain to ?? But I wont be spending much time outside so wont need to worry. I am staying in a hotel at Birmingham Airport & will get to & from NEC via the fly train shuttle.
On Friday, I will be joined by Lynda, my dear sister & my lovely niece Chloe. There are 3 shows in one so will probably cover what they want to see on Friday & then do all the cardmaking stuff on Saturday. Am armed with my bank card & plenty of sterling.
On Saturday evening Lynda is coming back to Birmingham so we can go out to eat, and will then stay at the hotel with me. I have to be at check in at 5.25am so Lynda will wend her way back to Gloucester and be home by the time I take off.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Valencians Success

The San Luis ladies had some success in the Ladies Singles. Val Sherry had a close game with Ann Eagle, who knocked Sheila out, but narrowly lost. Mel Highland, in her words, didnt play her best and succumbed to the in form Maggie Furness. Yours truly played against Barbara Pilling from El Cid & won fairly comfortably despite knocking 3 of her woods in for scoring shots!
I now play.......... Ann Eagle in the Semi Final. Hopefully I can be the San Luis lady who defeats her. I did beat her in the Nationals singles but that was over set play & this is standard 21 shots up.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Valencian Championships

Before today there wasnt much to sing about in the Valencians for San Luis apart from Keith Roberts & Phil Morrachan getting to the semi final of the Mens Pairs.
Today has been a different story, we now have 2 Mens Fours teams in the semi final but they unfortunately have to play each other, but that guarantees us a finalist. Allen, Dane Howard, Mike Cox & Colin Highland will play Joe Johnson, Rod Wright, Trevor Vanner & Ray Robson.
In the Ladies Singles we had 4 entries. Sheila Cox had a brilliant game this morning scoring a four on the final end to beat Ann Holland, who had beaten her previous opponent 21-0. Unfortunately, Sheila got off to a slow start in this afternoons match against Spanish squad member Ann Eagle and never recovered, losing 21-14.
The other three ladies all progressed to the quarter finals, where Val Sherry will play against Ann Eagle, Mel Highland having beaten Sabrina Marks will play Maggie Furness & I will play Barbara Pilling. All these will be played tomorrow at 10am. Fingers crossed we can all get to the semi final.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Here We Go

Yesterday evening was the opening ceremony for this years Valencian Championships, which start today.
As well as competing this year I am also the organiser so there wont be much time to sit & smell the roses!
At San Luis I have 2 able helpers to look after the paperwork (OK so they were conned into doing it). Rod Wright & Peter Cox.
Now we start crossing our fingers & watching the skies hoping that the dreaded "gota fria" wont arrive & mess up the best laid plans.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Wedding Order

I have finally finished the order for Wedding Reception stationery.  Delivery tomorrow ready for the wedding on Sunday. In total I have made 108 place settings & 13 table numbers plus a table plan with 13 medium size settings attached to cerise pink card. Everyone of the 134 items had to be hand cut plus a rose for each one. Then organza ribbon was attached & finally a matching bow. It is the first time I have done an order of this type but am really happy with the final results.
The table numbers & place settings - couldnt photograph all of them so just done 3 of each. Luckily they are going to write everyones names on the place settings.
The table plan all ready for them to fasten on their typed table lists.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Carnations for Mum

One of the Craftuprint designers Robyn Cockburn has recently done a range of her designs with Carnations on. These were my Mums favourite flowers & I dedicate this post to her. It is more than 26 years since her death & I still miss her. So Mum wherever you are - this ones for you xxxxx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Brendas first hand crafted card

Brenda & Rod have been visiting us from Dorset.
While here their friends Nancy & John have been housesitting & looking after their dogs etc. Brenda has been helping cut out craft sheets for the cards I make & has made a thank you card for John & Nancy who are keen bowlers.
The picture shows Brenda proudly displaying her first ever hand crafted card.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Camera Club BBQ

Yesterday Allen & I went to a Camera Club barbecue with Rod & Maxine. It was held at the Grand Designs house "La Pedrera". We could all remember the house being featured on the TV show so it was interesting to see it up close.
The house has a large 2 tier swimming pool connected with a slide.
It overlooks a lake & scrubland with not a neighbour in sight.
Before & after the barbecue the men took part in a photo treasure hunt. They were given a topic & then they had 15 minutes to go take 1 photo, before returning & having it loaded into the computer. They did 2 of these before the food was served and another 2 afterwards. They will learn their fate on Tuesday evening at the last camera club meeting of the summer.
While we were eating there were a couple of largish lizards appeared & wandered around under chairs & tables. Of course with so many photographers there they must have thought they were film stars.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Orchids & Butterflies

I have just tried a new large easel design card by Carol Dunne & am really pleased with the finished result.
It features large orchids & butterflies. Enhanced with gold pearls & glitter Im sure it will be a big success.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Trial for Designer

I recently asked a designer to do me some matching inserts for some of sheets that I have. When she replied she asked me whether I would try out 2 new kits that she was doing to see what I think. Having agreed she sent me the kits through & I set to work.
Both are on the same theme of cascades for weddings. The first is a straight edge with curved banners. Based on a template from Carol Dunne.
The main thing I liked on this design were the individual letters to put onto the banners & although it makes a great card it doesnt for me have that wow factor. But......
This is the second design which has a scalloped top to the sides & straight banners. Now this one certainly has the wow factor. The decoupage work on both is the same.
I reported back to Deborah, sending her the photos & giving her the couple of small things that need changing. She has told me to chose a design from Craftsuprint and she will send it to me free as a thank you.
If you want to see more of my cards click on the link above. To see more designs by DEBORAH DAVIES click on the link then go to Card Making & select a designer.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Scalloped Broderie Anglaise Cards

Ann Marie Vaux has just released some new designs for a scalloped square card. These all have lace on & look great when completed. Have just done 4 & uploaded to Craftsuprint. If you want to view more great designs click on the banner at the top.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Wasp Sting

On Tuesday I got stung by a wasp. By the evening my leg was swollen & very painful so a visit to the clinic resulted in an antihistamine injection which they assured me would solve the problem.
Yesterday morning, not only had it not gone down but it was larger. I went off to bowl but it was very painful & I had shooting pains down the shin into my foot. After bowls we went to the chiropractor & by the time we left there there was a swelling from my knee to about 4 inches above my ankle & about 3/4 of the way around my leg.
We decided to call at the hospital. They were concerned that as the initisl sting was on a vein that it might have caused a thrombosis but after loads of tests they confirmed that it was a very severe reaction to the wasp toxin. I have tablets & cream to use for 6 days & keep it out of the sun.
It is slightly better this morning but not much. Just hoping that it starts to improve more & that the pain disappears.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

New Home

Asked to make a new home card with a difference I chose a Carol Dunne Cascade Deluxe design. This was easy to construct but looks amazing.
To check out more of these Cascade cards by Carol Dunne click on the Craftsuprint banner at the top of the page.

Silver Anniversary

I wanted an unusual design for a Silver Wedding card & chose a Carol Clarke design - Silver Wedding Window Card. This is such an easy design to make up, but with a few silver peel offs mounted on silver mirror card then cut out, it becomes a stunning card.
To see more of these amazing designs by Carol Clarke click on the Craftsuprint banner above.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Anniversary Card

I havent blogged much for the last month - so much to do & so little time to do it.
Have just finished another card order with a special anniversary card as the main item.
For those of you familiar with the Glitter Girls Keepsake embossing Boards - the centre panel is made from the Art Deco Board, using part of the main frame, embossing both inner & outer sections plus the oval centre. A simple floral spray with organza ribbon gives it an elegant look.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


On the way home from the Chiropractor today we went round a roundabout & saw a truck parked at the side selling oranges. Having gone round the roundabout again we pulled up & Allen went to get some. The oranges were in black plastic crates & the man added another 3 oranges to one crate before tipping them into a large blue plastic bag. Allen had a struggle to carry it back to the car.
When we got home we decided to weigh the bag - 11 kilos for 5€. Definately a bargain.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

San Luis Lions Roar Loudest

Last Friday the San Luis Lions secured the title in Costa Blanca Southern League Division A just pipping La Marina Sharks by 2 points. No rest for the wicked & we were into battle with a rival pride of Lions from the North - Benitachell Lions. (This was the team I played for when I bowled at Benitachell before moving down to live with Allen).
Monday we were at our own green & we secured wins on 4 of the 5 triples & despite gong down heavily on the other one had a healthy shots advantage of 40 to take to the 2nd leg.
It was up at the crack of dawn yesterday for the 2 hour trek North. After bacon sandwiches it was into battle. Our losing team from Monday were out for revenge & they were quickly into their stride, never under pressure & put the first points on the board. Now it was upto the rest of us & as long as we kept the matches close even if we lost we would win on shots. But our Lions were out to prove they are the dominant pride & do that they did. We finished the game again winning 4 of 5 & became Costa Blanca Champions.
I dont think any of us stopped smiling on the way back to our club & when we got there Vic had left a tab behind the bar for us all to have a drink.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Chocolate Muffins

This morning I wasn't feeling too well & was in need of cheering up. Allen made me chocolate muffins with liquid chocolate centres. Only 6 in a batch but they are so yummy. Had to take a picture of the 4 that are left before they disappeared.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

England v Wales

Each year the expats from the 4 home nations play matches against each other at bowls. Allen is a selector for Wales & I am selector & captain for England.
The latest match between our 2 countries was played on the Vistabella green, with 8 teams of 4 representing each country.
Before the match the Welsh captain had a long team talk with his players - don't know what he said. My team talk was much shorter & consisted of just one word "KILL".  On we marched, photos were taken:-
The Welsh
The English
Play got underway & the English took my team talk to their hearts. They proceeded to win on all but 1 rink - unfortunately the skip on that rink hadn't listened to the team talk!! (pssst - it was me!).
So with 7 rinks to 1 & a good shot advantage England took the honours.
The highest winning rinks for each country were presented with their National mugs.
Wales - Alison Edwards, Alan Pugh, Brian Gardiner & Jeff Richards
England - Clive Scott, Val Hignett, Arthur Brown & Peter McEneany

Medieval Fair

About a month ago we decided to go to a medieval fair which was being held in nearby Orihuela. It was located in the narrow streets just off the town centre. The streets had been strewn with straw & all the stall holders were in medieval costumes.
I stupidly said to Allen - why are they all dressed in Moorish costumes then realised that in medieval times Spain was under the rule of the Moors, duh!
There were bakers making bread in wood ovens, huge cakes where you just bought portions & cheesemakers.
Food was being served from huge barbecues which had very large hunks of meat on. A bowman was shooting arrows from a long bow at a target at least 30 metres away & hitting it!
An assortment of the photos Allen took:-

Cowl Collar

Have just finished a new type of scarf. Got the pattern at Craftsuprint, who have just started selling knitting, crochet & cross stitch patterns as well as cardmaking & scrapbooking sheets. If you want to take a look click on the link above.
I used Sirdar Click for my cowl, in a pale lilac & a mottle mix with plum, lilac & cream. This is a lovely easy design to knit because its just a straight piece of garter stitch then frills are done at each colour change in a different colour - in my case a mottled grey. 2 large buttons finish the project & it should prove very warm.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Strawberry & Banana Pavlova

Yesterday I had a market stall to try to sell some cards & gifts. Unfortunately it was a disaster, the weather was freezing with a strong cold wind. The majority of the stall were of the flea market variety & most of the people walking round were North Africans - could have thought we were in Tunisia. Anyway, by 11 we had sold 2€ worth of stuff & were frozen so decided to give it up as a bad job. It was disappointing but it was obviously the wrong market.
Today I decided it was comfort food to cheer me up, so Chicken supreme, Cheesy mash & cauliflower cheese followed by a homemade strawberry & banana pavlova. Meringue is my favourite but until today I had never made a pavlova. Although the base cracked a bit when I put all the topping on it doesn't alter the taste & will certainly cheer me up.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Necessity is the mother of invention

This morning I was getting ready for my craft group & my printer decided it wasn't feeling well so was going to have a day off. No amount of cajoling would convince it to work, so I was left to organise 1 more card which wouldn't need any printing. A rummage through my sheets of card produced sheets with pink roses - now to design a card round that. The girls arrived & it was still swimming around in my head, so while they worked on the first cards, the ideas came to fruition & this is what emerged.
The flowers are ceramic & I was really happy with the finish design. As Marina said, my printer having a day off made me come up with the design - just glad I didn't have to do all 4 like that.

Monday, 3 January 2011


I have started knitting since Christmas & have made 2 scarves so far. One is a simple knit Chenille scarf with tassel ends.
The other wasn't so simple to do. The wool looks like ribbon but is lace work - you knit into just one side of the strand allowing the rest to open out like lace. As the wool didn't come with any instructions I had 2 abortive attempts trying to work out the best way to make it. Eventually I casted on, 2 needle method using a full ball. I then knitted 10 rows & casted off. I like the finished effect.