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Saturday, 22 September 2012

New Look Valencian Championships

This year the Valencian Bowls Championships have changed format. Instead of single sex disciplines , this year there are Mixed Pairs & Mixed Rinks. North & South Alicante are playing down to Semi Final stages in their own area, then the 8 pairs/teams will play off.
Matches started today.  At San Luis Mel & Colin Highland overcame the pairing of Mike & Florence Edwards of Greenlands. In  the afternoon at San Luis Roy & Sally Cordell played against clubmates Paul & Jean Parkes. I have not heard the result of this match yet. The rest of the San Luis teams were in action at La Marina.
Keith & June Jones beat Gail Watson & Fred Willshire (Greenlands), Margaret & Ian Rogers beat Alan & Sheila Booth (San Miguel), Sheila & Mike Cox beat another San Luis team, Ann Holland & Ray Pollock. Les Bedford & Sheila Cammack also beat another San Luis team - Bobbie & Trevor Vanner. Allen & I were up against Violet Campbell & Fred Roberts (Quesada). This was a tough old game & with 2 ends to play it looked as though we would lose, but a 4 on the 17th end put us 1 shot ahead with 1 end to play. At one stage they held the shot needed to force an extra end but we managed to pick up 2 shots to win by 3.
All the winning pairs play again tomorrow.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Kiwi Friend

Many of you will wonder how you can have a friend who you have never met but who means the world to you. Well, I assure you it is entirely possible.
About 18 months ago a lady in New Zealand asked a question in the Craftsuprint forum about a card design. Having bought the same design in a different colour I was able to help her along the way to make hers up.
This led to various emails & it turns out we are alike in so many ways. Similar looks, size, sense of humour, hobbies & also in life events.
We are now firm friends & are in contact daily just to chat, sometimes to moan about life in general, but mainly just for friendship.
Joan is originally from the UK but has lived in New Zealand for a lot of years. She is currently having treatment for breast cancer but she stays positive through it all & if she is having a down day she knows I am here to lift her spirits & to sometimes chide her.
It would be so lovely if at some stage in the future we could meet but that will have to wait a while.
Until then we will continue to have our long distance chats with a 12 hour time difference - while one of us is having breakfast the other is having dinner.
Joan has recently become a designer for Craftsuprint & is going through a learning curve but I am always here to encourage her in her efforts & she will shortly make silver as a designer & gold as a crafter.
So if someone says how can you have a friend you have never met, just tell them EASILY.