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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

So much has happened since my last blog post.
Following on from Allens' ill health we discovered in January 2015 that he had 3 fractured vertebrae & osteoporosis. The osteoporosis had been caused by injections he was had been having since 1998 for hayfever.
He spent 2 weeks in hospital & came home with a metal brace. He needed help with everything from getting out of a chair to showering & using the bathroom. He was also being sick constantly.
After 2 months we saw the specialist & discovered that the sickness was being caused by withdrawal symptoms from the injections which were corticosteroids! This means that his body can no longer function without a steroid tablet & so will have to take one each day for the rest of his life along with calcium supplements.
We also found out that the injections have caused muscle damage & nerve damage. He is on medication to help the nerve problem & having weekly physio to try to rebuild the muscles.
It has been a long road but this month he played his first competitive game of bowls for 2 years.
In October 2015, we lost my beloved dog Lisa. She was 13.5 & having had her since she was 6 weeks old I was devastated. Having lost Sooty the previous year this was a real blow.
Monty took a while to realise she was no longer with us & as he had been her shadow from the day I brought him home he also missed her & their walks.
We had thought that nothing could be worse than 2014 but 2015 was & we were glad to see the end of the year.
2016 so far has been better but with Allen still struggling with his health not ideal.
The Brexit vote hit us for 6 & has made a huge impact in our finances due to the drastic drop in the exchange rate. Still life has to go on.
At the end of September a kitten about 4 months old appeared in our garden, after discovering that it was a little girl we paid to have her spayed, avoiding any unwanted additions. By the time she could go out again she had become part of the family, as she has the same "M" on her forehead & we kept calling her little one she has been named Minnie. Monty has decided that she is OK so we became a 2 cat family.

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  1. Hi Suzi,
    What a time you have had, I do hope things start to look up for you, great news re the cat and so glad she had settled in really well. Thinking of you big hugs love Jennifer x x x